#Trending: Personalised Backdrops

The weddings abroad have inspired a lot of couples to have a personalized backdrop on their wedding day with their wedding vows written on them. A lot of weddings nowadays are implementing it and trust me, this is one of the coolest ideas to be implemented. This year we are sure a lot of wedding venues in Jaipur will witness this.  


Such small backgrounds can be set up in one corner of the wedding stage or at the photo booth. This is one of the ideas which will bring a smile on your face when scrolling your wedding photos even after years. There are a lot of banquets in Jaipur which would suggest a nice corner or space at their venues.


There can be a poem dedicated to your partner or some secret promises you had made to each other a decade back! Be as innovative as possible.


Banquet in Jaipur, wedding venue in Jaipur

Wedding Ideas

Pictures from Pinterest.


Couple Chairs!

Its all about the fairytale wedding picture we have in our head while planning the big day. The best wedding venue in Jaipur would let you implement all the amazing ideas. One of the effortless and outstanding ideas is to have the bride and grooms chair. We highly recommend this, after all, when you look at some of these photos, you’ll realize that you’ve just got to have them! Yep, whether you want them simple, decked up or personalized, here are some super cute ideas that’ll make your wedding in Jaipur special and trendy. Most of the wedding venues or banquets in Jaipur nowadays have these special chairs for the bride and groom.


A simple look, playing with fabric and flowers!

Decor at Geetanjali, banquet in jaipur

Bride and Groom chairs

Because the plan is forever!

Geetanjali Banquet in Jaipur, Banquet in Jaipur, Wedding venue in Jaipur

Wedding vows

Because Mrs. is always right 😉

geetnjali banquet in jaipur, banquet in jaipur

Quirky bride and groom chairs

French is the language of love!

Wedding Chairs

Food Trends For Your Wedding

You can make weddings in Jaipur as cold or as warm and fuzzy as you want! And one great way to do it is by featuring comfort food at your wedding venue in Jaipur. Here are some cool (or warm) ideas to make sure that the food and snacks at your wedding are on point! So go ahead, get inspired and call your caterer!

Spinach Pakoda Chaat

Banquet in Jaipur

Catering In Geetanjali

Cone chaat

Banquet in Jaipur

Geetanjali Banquet in Jaipur

Spiced chickpea naan nachos

Popcorn Bar

Banquet in Jaipur

Catering at Geetanjali, Jaipur

Juice Bar

Banquet in Jaipur

Catering at Geetanjali, Jaipur

Vegetable Lollipop

wedding venue in jaipur

Catering at Geetanjali, Jaipur


Banquet in Jaipur

Catering at Geetanjali


Look forward to more additions in our next blog. There have been a lot of prominent weddings in the country and we will surely find something interesting in the menu of these big shot weddings.